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BTL Ultrasound Therapy Units

Ultrasonography Physiotherapy Treatment Equipment.

BTL Electrical Stimulator Therapy Units

Electrical Stimulation Therapy Equipment.

BTL Laser Therapy Units

Laser-based Physiotherapy Equipment.

BTL Magneto-Therapy Units

Magneto-based Physiotherapy Equipment.

BTL Combination Therapy Units

Functional combinations of all BTL Physiotherapy unit variations.

BTL Shortwave Diathermy

Shortwave Diathermy Units by BTL.

BTL Microwave Diathermy

Microwave Diathermy Units by BTL.

BTL Traction Therapy Unit

Traction Therapy Units by BTL.

BTL CP Motion

Continuous Passive Motion Therapy Unit by BTL.

BTL Lymph Drainage Therapy

Lymph drainage systems by BTL (Lymphastim).

Couches and Chairs

Medical Furniture for Exclusive Physiotherapy Purposes, by BTL.

Gynaecology Chairs

Chairs for Gynaecology Treatment by BTL.

BTL Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy units by BTL.

Autopassive Pulley

Shoulder/Finger Ladder

BTL R-Force

BTL R-Gait