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Accident and Emergency

Sun Tech CT40 Bp + Spo2 + Temp

The new suntech ct40 is the ideal, affordable solution for clinical-grade spot-check measurements of blood pressure plus vital signs in hospitals and clinics. Ambulatory care, long-term care, and low-acuity. Hospital departments can easily implement this versatile, user-friendly vital signs device that delivers Suntech clinical-grade performance, advanced features, and digital connectivity.
Quality: clinical-grade advantage bp technology
Reliability: manual sphygmodeTM for real-time verification of bp readings without removing the cuff plus built-in memory for up to 99 charting sessions
Accuracy: customizable bp averaging protocol to ensure accurate, consistent readings (sprint recommended)
Connectivity: hl7 messaging protocols for data transfer with a network connection through built-in LAN/ethernet, 2 USB ports or optional wi-fi
Flexibility: modular design for the addition of optional temperature and spo2 modules
Simplicity: intuitive user interface with lcd display

SunTech CT50

The SunTech CT50 continuous vital signs monitor can perform automatic blood pressure, pulse oximetry and body temperature measurements for clinical professionals. The CT50 was designed with advanced monitoring features, including programmable intervals for BP measurement and patient alarms. Long-term care and hospital departments will easily integrate this versatile, intuitive vital signs device that delivers SunTech clinical-grade performance and digital connectivity. The LCD, color touch screen allows the user to stop/start a BP measurement, save a set of measurements to memory, control patient alarm functions, print measurements, and return to the home screen. An optional barcode scanner or Wi-Fi dongle can be plugged into any of the four USB-A port connections. In addition to SunTech’s Advantage blood pressure technology, the CT50 can also be configured with Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and Covidien Filac 3000 temperature.
Quality: Clinical-grade Advantage™ BP technology
Connectivity: RJ45 Ethernet port for network connectivity and an RJ11 jack for nurse call connectivity
Simplicity: Intuitive user interface with LCD display
Efficient: Automatic patient monitoring modes with programmable monitoring intervals
Accuracy: Customizable BP averaging protocol to ensure accurate, consistent readings
Flexibility: Wide range of variations to fit all needs

Oscar 2 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Suntech medical® is the gold standard in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (abpm). By providing valuable diagnostic information that in-clinic and home blood pressure monitoring systems are incapable of measuring, the oscar 2 system delivers a patient-focused solution with unsurpassed comfort, data reliability and confidence.
Suntech motion tolerance: save time and money with fewer failed readings and less repeated studies from the company that made automated bp during emergency transport and treadmill testing possible
Clinical validations: independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of the BHS, ESH AND AAMI:SP10 patented orbit
ABPM cuffs: form-fitting sleeve design secures accurate cuff position throughout the study, insuring consistently accurate readings
ACCUWIN pro 4 software: efficient programming and analysis with advanced options provide powerful flexibility, so you get every data point.

Zoll AED Plus

The ZOLL® AED Plus® is the only AED that can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well. The AED Plus features Real CPR Help®, a unique CPR feedback tool that is able to monitor CPR quality and provide real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions. Audio and visual prompts help you to rescue with a confidence and clarity unmatched by any other AED.

Philip AED Heart Start Defibrillator

Home defibrillator designed for ease of use and prompt response Intuitive voice instructions offer step-by-step guidance for administering therapy Smart sensors automatically determine the right amount of shock to deliver Performs self-checks to assess battery life.

Tango M2 Stress Test Monitor

The Tango M2 Stress Test Monitor gives you the confidence to know that patient movement, mechanical vibration and observer variability won’t interfere with an accurate reading. Your focus can be where it matters most - on your patient. Whether performing a test using a treadmill, ergometer, or pharmacological stress testing, the Tango M2 reliably monitors blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient. The Tango M2 was specifically designed to overcome noise, motion and physical difficulties associated with cardiac stress and exercise testing. You can even pair it with a hands-free interface and add the SpO2 measurement option to make the Tango M2 a seamless cardiac testing center. During stress testing, reliability and accuracy go hand-in-hand. Recording an accurate and reliable BP measurement at the correct intervals during a test can be difficult and stressful for clinicians and lab technicians. That’s why the Tango M2 can be programmed to take an accurate reading at the proper time and initiate readings at the precise moment during each stage, increasing reliability of the measurements. Designed to be used with our Orbit-K Cuff , the Tango M2 utilizes our proprietary DKA algorithm, which provides exceptional performance in the difficult environment of the stress lab.