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About Us

Triosed Nigeria Limited was incorporated in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990, as a Limited Liability Company in the year 2006. The Company was established to provide, amongst others, excellent professional services in the Marketing, Sales and Supply, Distribution and maintenance of Medical, Hospital and Diagnostic Equipment. We conduct our business with great responsibility to achieve superior financial returns balanced with our long term goal of benefiting shareholders and fulfilling our commitment to community, environment and government. Our story has been that of a constantly growing company since the commencement of business. In early 2009 we got the distributorship of one of America’s biggest manufacturers of Ultraviolet Sanitizers/Disinfection Applications for Air, Water, Liquid and Waste Water disinfection products in Nigeria. We are distributor for BTL, UK (manufacturer of Physiotherapy, Cardiology and Spirometry, Couches and Aesthetics Medicine Products). We are also distributor for such manufacturers as: Elmanar, Egypt (Medical Furniture); Teyder S.A.,Spain (Orthopaedic Support and Rehabilitation devices); B.Well Swiss (Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers, Oral Irrigators, Nasal Aspirators, Stethoscope, Scales); Lessa Papeles, Spain; ASCO, India; SIUI, China; Grecos, Spain (Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipment), iWorx, USA (Teaching, Research and Education Equipment); Bittium, Finland (Holter and EEG devices); Suntech Medical, UK ( Blood Pressure Clinical Monitoring) to the delight, admiration and satisfaction of our numerous clienteles With our solid base for service and our Technical support service, we have made after-sales, on-time, diagnostic, maintenance and repair an essential element of our operational focus. We are set apart from our competitors in guaranteeing the highest standards for quality service.

Our Vision

“To be the preferred solution provider in the supply of Medical / Hospital Equipment and Supplies in Nigeria with the most satisfied customers”.

After Sales

After sales, on-time, diagnostic, maintenance and repairs is an essential element of our operational focus. We ensure that our equipment, wherever they are installed, are kept working.

Our Clientele

Since inception, we have serviced both the public and the private sectors of the Health Industry with tremendous success. This has given rise to increase clientele base and repeat business. We are better positioned to offer our exceptional services to our current and potential customers, and even surpass their service expectations.

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