Non-contact infrared thermometer WF-4000 is an accurate device for professional temperature control. Perfect for measurement at night: thanks to a large backlight screen, indications are easy to see, and being set to silent mode the thermometer will not wake up your baby.
Versatile: the thermometer measures not only the temperature of a human body, but also the temperature of water in a bath, air indoors or outdoors, and baby food before feeding.
Comfortable: body contact is not required. Measurement is taken at a distance for 1 second and will not disturb your baby.


Most parents know that children can not sit still even for several minutes without fidgeting. However, one needs to measure the baby’s temperature very often. Considering this, B. Well offers an infrared thermometer for children, which measures temperature instantly, just in a few seconds. Infrared thermometer WF-5000 is a versatile helper for the most caring parents!
Accurate: be sure that temperature readings are reliable.
Quick: save time by measuring temperature from 1 second.
Comfortable: take care of peaceful sleep of your baby by measuring temperature without a touch.
Versatile: use WF-5000 instead of several thermometers Measure the temperature of water in a bath, air in a room or outdoors, baby food before feeding.