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Dental Care

B. Well WI-911 Portable Oral Irrigator

The modern compact oral irrigator WI-911 is a professional medical device for at-home teeth and gum maintenance. It effectively cleans interdental space from food residue, and removes soft dental plaque that causes bacteria to spread. WI-911 is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. B.Well is an indispensable tool for daily hygiene, especially for patients with bridgework, implants, crowns or braces. Despite its compact dimensions, the WI-911 portable irrigator is as powerful as the best stationary models. The device is easy to operate and convenient for use either at home or on the road. It is compact and does not take up a lot of space in the bathroom or travel bag. With the B.Well portable irrigator, you do not need an additional power outlet or batteries—it runs on a modern lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with enough charge for a month of use. The wireless design is safe and convenient. The device has 3 operating modes for healthy teeth and gums. 2 interchangeable nozzles with different colors are included, and the nozzle can be changed easily using a special button. Device benefits: smart design, simple two-button control, easy to fill with water. The B.Well WI-911 is the best oral irrigator for the whole family.

B. Well WC-150 Nasal Aspirator

The B.Well WC-150 nasal aspirator is a safe and efficient device suitable for infants. This device will clean a baby's nose and clear its breathing passages in a few seconds. Running nose in infants is a big issue. Small children cannot blow their noses, and a blocked nose causes a lot of inconveniences and can result in serious complications. Nose cleaning is the main procedure for treating nasal running in infants. The B.Well electric nasal aspirator makes the procedure fast and comfortable for babies. This device is more efficient than traditional bulb syringes and prevents infections in mothers. The WC-150 nasal aspirator is easy to take apart and wash. 12 well-known children’s tunes are stored on the memory, which will distract the baby while operating.