Complete electrostimulation unit offering all the low and medium frequencies used in therapy

Low-and medium-frequency Universal Electostimulator for analgesia, strengthening and electrodiagnosis

3 independent output channels and 25 different types of current, including MEGAA

  • With compensated currents
    • No galvanic base decreases the risk of chemical burns
    • Depolarized currents allow treatment sessions to be performed that are as long as needed, even if there is a prosthesis, orthosis or implant, achieving much faster recovery
  • Complete automatically-guided electrodiagnostic program
    • Includes recovery of denerved muscle groups
    • On-screen curves can be saved and superimposed, to follow the development of the condition.
    • - I/T Curve: 10 reading points which automatically provider heobase and chronaxy
    • I/A Curve: with exponential impulses for early diagnosis of muscular denervation and to determine the most effective duration of exponential impulse for treatment, depending on the different phases
    • Accommodation Index or Quotient: Automatically processes the accommodation curve and obtains the value of the index
  • Versatility: Muscle groups (including agonist/antagonist groups) can be synchronized by working the entire kinetic chain in the same session
  • The display shows all the parameters and electrode positioning for the condition to be treated