Electrical Stimulator (Megasonic A313, Spain)

Electrical Stimulator (Megasonic A313, Spain)

Complete electrostimulation unit with 6 independent channels with low and medium frequency currents.

Multipurpose universal electrostimulator.

13 types of different streams, among them the MEGAA, discovered by Electromedicarin.

3 tetrapolar outputs can perform 3 treatments simultaneously with different patients.

4 work vectors (classical, balance, circular and linear) with compensated currents.

It lacks galvanic base decreasing the risk of chemical burns.

Depolarized currents that allow treatment sessions as long as necessary even if there are prostheses, orthoses or implants, obtaining a much faster recovery.

Versatility: ability to synchronize muscle groups (including agonists / antagonists) working in the same session the entire kinetic chain. 5.7 "color LCD screen showing all the parameters and positioning image of the electrodes according to the pathology to be treated.