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PRO-35 Blood Pressure Monitor


Pro-35 by B. Well Swiss is an Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor that provides fast and reliable systolic and diastolic Pressure readings as well as Pulse Arrythmia Detection. It also has a memory for storing up to 30 readings.

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PRO 35 by B. Well Swiss is an Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. It provides fast and reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic pressure as well as heart rate using the oscillometric measurement method. It has a set of user-friendly color indicators which help to classify the readings for easier user interpretation.


Advantages of PRO 35:

  • The PRO 35 also uses Pulse Arrythmia Detection Technology to detect irregular heart rhythms.
  • It has user-friendly indicators for easier diagnosis
  • It has a power adapter port for alternative power source
  • It is optimized for easy mobility and travel convenience and comes with a storage bag.

The contents of the box:

  • An inflatable 22 – 42cm cuff
  • A digital monitoring unit
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • A soft storage bag
  • Operational manuals.


  • 87mm x 122mm x 53mm
  • 200 grams


  • Pulse Arrythmia Detection Technology
  • User-friendly Color Indicators
  • Power Adapter Socket
  • 30 Memory Slots
  • Efficient sleek storage bag
  • 22cm – 42cm inflatable cuff

What’s in the booox?

  •  22 – 42 cm inflatable cuff
  •  The monitoring unit
  •  A pouch
  •  4 AA Batteries
  • Power Adapter
  •  Operation manuals

Warranty Cover

Warranty is 3 years from the date of purchase for Monitor and 1 year for cuff and adapter. This warranty doesn’t cover any damages caused by improper usage and also battery, and packaging. When manufacturing defect is observed during the warranty period, a faulty unit would be repaired or, if repairing is impossible, replaced with another one. The warranty does not cover components and consumables subject to wear and batteries, bags and package of the item.


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