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Medical Acoustics

WS-1 Stethoscope by B. Well Swiss

B.Well WS-1 is a classical stethoscope with a single-head chest piece. It is a lightweight and compact device that provides excellent acoustics. WS-1 will be convenient both for home and professional usage. Chrome-plated binaural, one-piece molded PVC Y-tube, soft ear tips ensure comfort and durability of the device. B.Well stethoscope is convenient to store and take along thanks to a compact plastic bag.

WS-2 Stethoscope by B. Well Swiss

B.Well WS-2 stethoscope with a versatile double-head chest piece is perfect for professional use. Due to the regular shape of a chest piece, highly-sensitive membrane, durable molded sound-conducting tube eliminating interference, B.Well stethoscopes are characterized by excellent acoustics. Stethoscope dome with a plastic ring provides comfort for a patient, eliminating contact of cold material with skin. Soft ear tips and chrome-plated binaural will be convenient for a doctor.

WS-3 Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope by B. Well Swiss

B.Well WS-3 is the choice of many doctors. This medical diagnostic device is suitable for patients of all ages. Complete kit of accessories, which includes 3 exchangeable bell chest pieces, 2 spare plastic membranes, 3 spare ear tips in different sizes, makes WS-3 stethoscopes versatile device that can replace 5 different stethoscopes at a time. High sensitivity and excellent acoustics allow distinguishing different sounds and murmur easily.

Med-62 (Stethoscope + Sphygmomanometer) by B. Well Swiss

  • Aneroid Blood Pressure
  • Standard Kit
  • Incl. Stethoscope
  • Latex bulb and bladder
  • Storage kit

Littmann Stethoscope

The renowned Littmann Stethoscope provides excellent acoustics for doctors, nurses, students in all spheres of the medical space.